What Is Goodwill To Mankind And How To Use It

Goodwill to mankind and how to show it... See

What Is Goodwill that you must get some of it in order for you to better the lives of humanity? And if it is so great, then how come Mankind is not filled with it? Since after all, Love – Hate – Greed – Jealousy are all plentiful in Man's heart, and yet Goodwill seems to elude them. And since Goodwill as it is has a double meaning, in that it means to be friendly, to be helpful and to be kind in relation to others. Then it also means, the value of an entity over and above the value of its assets, and you could relate this to a great person in that his or her true value is worth far more than their physical assets such as strength, money and knowledge, but because their heart is so big and all they want is for their brother to have life and have it more abundantly, then their true value is way higher than what they can actually do.  

So how do you use goodwill as a philanthropist? Well you must open up your heart to truly love, and never hate anything or anyone. For if you are busy hating someone or something, then you will never find the time to love all the wonderful attributes about that person. So of course you must really want to improve the life of just one other human being, you must really want to make a positive difference in the life of the less fortunate, and you have to absolutely want to be kind especially to those who hate you, who persecute you, and who even want your head.

Because then you will truly be showing your goodwill, your uniqueness and even your Godliness. For then you will be the long-awaited hero of humanity, the shining example that every other human being will want to aspire to, and the true great pioneer of Goodwill. And believe me Fellow Philanthropist, you live in a world of murderers, of abusers, of dictators, of selfishness, and of warmongers; so whatever little you can begin to do today to be helpful, to be kind, to  assist anyone and everyone, then you will be greatly appreciated. Since every other person is out to get whatsoever he or she can get for him or herself, and will step on his own blood brother to do it, as well as use him and murder him, then you must be the one to join me in demonstrating Goodwill.  
What is goodwill? Find Out:

You and I are Humanity's last hope for Goodwill, and I am teaching as well as sharing, so you have to pick one person within your close circle who is truly hateful, truly unlovable, and definitely undesirable or even murderous, and begin to show Goodwill or kindness or helpfulness to that person in every which way possible. After all, isn't that what your God did for you, for when you were unlovable, He became love just to love you with. By James Dazouloute
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