How To Heal Your Broken Heart

By James Dazouloute --- You Say: My Broken Heart... How Can I Heal It So I Can Live In Peace?. Because my heart is suffering, 
How To Heal Your Broken Heart... See

my mind is in depression, my body is ineffective, my job is affected, my studies are falling behind, and even my pet is depressed just by looking at me. Oh what am I to do with this Broken Heart of mine? Can Anyone Help Me? 

Well Beloved, I am here, and I fully heard You, along with Your anguish from a past Love Relationship. And I know that most experts will tell you that you just need to move on, but they don't fully understand You, about your attachment, about your loyalty to anything you are involved in, about your passion for love, about you loving to be needed and wanted. So for you, it is Easier Said Than Done... And You are quite correct, because whenever you have lost something in your life, especially something as great as Love, the grieving and the getting over, take a long time to deal with and overcome. 
How To Heal Your Broken Heart... See

So Your Broken Heart... How Can You Heal It So You Can Live In Peace?. What You must, must do is to forgive Yourself and Your Lover... Because whenever there is a loss, there is always enough blame to go around. And whether it is 9/11, the death of Michael Jackson, the break up of the Royals of England, there is always plenty of people and situations to blame for such losses. And so it is in your life, in your love relationship after a big loss, since there was always something more you could have done, there is always something your lover could have paid greater attention to, and there is always a situation that could have been handled way better... If You Are Honest With Yourself Of Course! --- So go ahead and start to forgive yourself and your lover, by remembering that we are all Humans, we are all weak, and we are all unlearned, and so we can never get to a point where we can say "I Have Arrived", because there is no arriving... only experiencing. 
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And now after forgiveness has taken place, You must, must write down in your heart what you will do differently the next time around, and you must place barriers, you must also place walls, and even boundaries for how far to the left you will go, or how far you will allow your new lover to take you. Because Loss, never comes from all things having been done right. It always comes from mistakes, errors, unexpected events, emotional reactions, poor judgments etc... And so now You must begin to realize those things, and see how you and your past lover has fallen, so you can know what to look for the very next time, and what to watch out for. 
How To Heal Your Broken Heart... See

And One More Time: My Broken Heart... How Can I Heal It So I Can Live In Peace?. Now that Forgiveness has taken place, and New understanding along with New Boundaries have been realized... Now it is time to live again for love. Meaning, You must, must now begin to open your heart and mind again to the possibilities of Love. And by doing that, You are now dictating to the Universe to bring to you love once more. Also, You must, must visualize vividly or strongly, the type of Lover that you want, and do that in exact details, so the Universe can bring to You exactly what You want. Just like when a Company is making a Car, they first visualize it in their mind, then draw it on paper, and then they begin to describe all the exact details about all the features and all the thousands of parts that must come together perfectly, so they could create that new perfect car. And So It Must Be For You, To Take These Steps To Heal "" My Broken Heart "" So You Could Begin To Live Again... 

To Always Work On You First, Because You Will Always Attract Who And What You Are Deep Down Inside. And so if you are a violent person, you will always attract a violent lover. Or if you are bi-polar from doing all these synthetic drugs, then you will always draw in someone just like you. And so if you don't work on your faults and by chance someone different than you comes along, then he or she will quickly leave you, or cheat on you or even abuse you because that person will come to despise or even hate who and what you are. So Be Careful And Wise!
How To Heal Your Broken Heart... See


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