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Thursday, September 18, 2014

One Day At A Time - Only Way To Succeed

ONE DAY AT A TIME... You must learn to live today and every single day for the rest of your life here on this Earth, because you have been warned to do this by the Creator God, no matter which Religion you belong to. And really Beloved it is for your own good, because if you were to be so consumed with the next day, the next 3 days, the next week, the next month all at the same time, then you would come to a state of paralysis, and nothing would be done. Because your mind can really only focus on one big thing at a time, since it already has billions of little things that it must give commands to your cells to perform, such as: Make your hair grow, keep the blood flowing, process the foods you ate yesterday, make your nails grow, make you smile, make sure you sleep.. etc.

ONE DAY AT A TIME... And this is why you must live by this great philosophy, so that you can help yourself, you can help your mind, you can help your body to operate at peak efficiency. And when you live one day at a time, then you can fully relax, you can really contribute your gift to Humanity, you can help others to achieve their dreams, you can allow your body to heal itself as well as regenerate. And don't forget that when you keep on stressing about tomorrow, you are forcing great stress upon your heart, your mind, and even your soul. So stop that, stop living this way, stop forcing yourself to become a slave to what you can't control, stop living with anxiety, stop living in the Tomorrow.

ONE DAY AT A TIME... Is for you right now, one day at a time is for you to worry about and deal with today. And you must be the Leader, you must take action today for what today has for you to accomplish, and then you will see that you are a much stronger person, that you are a very accomplished being, that you are a perfect person with all you come in contact with. And so don't deny yourself the pleasures of today, don't torture yourself by focusing on other things, because they will rob you of all great things that Life and Destiny have for you. 

ONE DAY AT A TIME... And there is a Story I have heard: There was this Preacher Man who while he was busy preparing the next summon for next Sunday Mass, he was consumed with thinking about his wife and making great love to her. But when he was finally laying down with his lovely wife in bed and making passionate love to her, then he could not concentrate because he was way too busy worrying about writing his next Sermon for next Sunday. So as you can see he was ineffective in doing everything, because he would not take and do things One Day At A Time. Is That You? Don't fall for the tricks of Worries, just live One Day A Time and for the moment. James Dazouloute

Is This You Struggling With The Inner-Me?

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 One day at a time - See how to succeed with it..

Sunday, September 07, 2014

How To Make Love - 5 Things Women Should Not Do.

To love and to make love are your duty as a human being who is filled with love, who was created by love and who came into existence because of deep love. And so it's only natural for you to want to love another person in many loving ways, especial in a romantic and sexual way. So Here Are  5 Things Women Should Not Do When It Comes To Making Great Love And Be Really Satisfied...

1. Never initiating sex
This is probably the most common mistake women make. Don’t rely on your partner to get things started every time. “When you initiate sex, it shows him that sex with him is a priority in your relationship,” says Lou Paget, author of 365 Days of Sensational Sex. “It also shows him that you relish sex for sex’s sake.” Men find this show of power sexy, and they get totally turned on by the simple fact that you want them sexually.

2. Being unresponsive in bed
Let your partner know that you’re having a great time. “Most important, let yourself go during sex,” says Sari Locker, author of Mindblowing Sex in the Real World.
Watching and hearing you get turned on makes him turned on, so go ahead and let it show. “Don’t be afraid of what sounds and words might come out of your mouth. It’s only natural and quite normal to express yourself when something feels so amazing,” adds Locker.

3. Forgetting his nipples
The nipples hold a concentration of nerve endings and are usually regarded as more erogenous in females. Which is why many women overlook men’s nipples as an erogenous zone. But nipples can be his thing, too.
“Many men have very sensitive nipples. Regardless of how sensitive they are, some men enjoy having them stimulated,” says Yvonne K. Fulbright, author of Touch Me There! Try sucking gently on the nipples, using your tongue to increase stimulation, and alternate kissing and licking the areola.

4. Making him responsible for your orgasms
“It is important for women to know that they are in charge of their own orgasm,” explains Barry R. Komisaruk, co-author of The Science of Orgasm. Because ultimately, you’re responsible for your own pleasure and satisfaction.
Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader, start focusing on communication: Give him feedback, tell him what turns you on and how you like to be touched. If you’re uncomfortable talking about it, you can guide his hand with yours.

5. Limiting sex to the bedroom
Why restrict your lovemaking session to the bed or the bedroom? Surprise him with sex in an unexpected place.
“Men love the combination of two things: A sense of adventure, and when their women are spontaneously overcome with erotic passion,” says Lou Paget, author of 365 Days of Sensational Sex. So don’t overlook countertops, stairwells or even the balcony. By exploring new, naughty places for a nooky, you’ll be making some very steamy memories of your own.

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Tags: How to make Love, 5 Ways Women Should Make Love, 5 Ways to make Love, Lovemaking Tips, How to romance 
 5 Things women should never do while making love..

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