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How To Get Big Arms Like Arnold

 Workout routine for big biceps..

To get big arms is not a complicated science, but many and even many more individuals have tried like hell to get big biceps along with huge triceps. And it does not have to be so, because all it takes is to work out your biceps and triceps 2 to 3 times a week, and then eat afterward within 30 minutes to 1 hour. Also remember that in life you must always stick to the simple stuff, because they work. Because when you see those huge bodybuilders, and when you look at Arnold Schwarzenegger's Arms, or even Hulk Hogan 26" Arms, it is easy to think that this kind of measurement is hard to attain, but I tell you in all honesty they are not my friend. And before I share the secret tips to huge biceps/triceps with you, let me also remind you that you must not just lift weights for your biceps and triceps only, because you will never have the biggest biceps in the world that way, since you would only be doing "Isolated Exercises", you must also do heavy lifting on the rest of your upper body like bench pressing, like shoulder press, like last pulls etc....  So here are all of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Secret Training Routines from way back. James Dazouloute

Austrian Alps: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Incredible Secret Arm Routine Revealed

In the 1970s, there was no need to consult grizzled mountaineers or your dentist’s dog-eared copies of National Geographic to find the world’s most awe-inspiring peak.
Denizens of any local gym knew that impressive mountain could be found in Venice, California, where there lived and trained an Austrian-born mountain of a man bearing an equally prodigious surname. Even today, many agree that when it comes to biceps development, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never been bettered. Sporting a pair of guns that purportedly stretched the tape to a surreal 22-plus inches, the Austrian Oak shattered previous standards and created a whole new archetype one to which every generation of bodybuilders since has aspired.

The Question Remains

So here we are, some 30 years later, and the question still begs: How did he do it; how did he carve those Matterhorns of muscle nestled between his rotator cuffs and elbows? Even more significant to you, the dedicated bodybuilding enthusiast, is the question, “Can I apply Arnold’s biceps training principles to spur new growth in my own arms?”
The answer is an emphatic yes. Although it must be noted that Schwarzenegger was uniquely qualified from a physiological standpoint to be an elite bodybuilder, the principles upon which he based his biceps-building plan visualization, dedication, intensity and consistency can be employed by anyone, from novice to professional.
 But, he’s quick to point out, “When I was 10 years old, I was already flexing my arms every day. By the time I started bodybuilding at age 15, biceps were the most noticeable muscle group on my body. By flexing my biceps so much, I’d learned to control them more completely.”
“This mind-link ability then translated into my bodybuilding when I began training with weights. When I did a curl, it felt special, because I could instantly sense blood rushing into the muscle.”

See The Biceps, Be The Biceps

“Throughout my bodybuilding career,” Schwarzenegger reflects, “I was constantly playing tricks on my mind. This is why I began to think of my biceps as mountains, instead of flesh and blood. Thinking of my biceps as mountains made my arms grow faster and bigger than if I’d seen them only as muscles.”
“When you think of biceps as merely muscles, you subconsciously have a limit in your mind, which for biceps is something in the area of 20″ or 21″. When you limit yourself to that measurement, it is very hard to get to that level and, needless to say, impossible to get past it. But when you think about mountains, there is no limit to biceps growth, and therefore you have a chance of going beyond normal mental barriers.”  “Enthusiasm is extremely important at all levels of bodybuilding. However, a beginner must learn to be satisfied with small gains overjoyed, in fact. He must not be told that giant gains come easily, that he can get super big overnight as long as he trains like a champion.”
“His progress should be a history of small successes, and he should look forward to each gain with great anticipation.”

Eye on the prize.

“Whether it’s muscle or money, you have to make it with your mind,” reminds the Oak. “I once asked a fellow whom I had seen train for four years whether he had ever thought of winning the Mr. Universe. His answer was ‘Nab, I could never do that.’ He was right. With that attitude, he could never experience serious progress.” Got your head on straight now? Good! Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

A Shocking Development

 “A typical training program would include barbell curls, dumbbell curls (seated or standing), preacher bench curls and concentration curls. Keep in mind, though, that the way I trained changed a lot of times, because I’d always try to shock the muscles,” Schwarzenegger says.
“I recall days when my training partners and I would do 20 extremely heavy sets of biceps work, with only four or five reps each set. Another day maybe only two days later we would do 10 more sets, 15 reps each, using a lighter weight.
“This shocking method was extremely important to my training. Your muscles tend to become complacent and resist growth if you are constantly doing the same workout for them. But if you try all different types of training methods, exercises, weights, set-rep combinations and training tempos, you keep the muscles off balance. They sort of say to themselves, ‘Wow, there’s a new thing here. He just did 10 sets of 20 reps, and the next workout he’ll do 20 sets of five reps. I’ll never get used to this. I can never build up a resistance to the training, so I guess I’ll have to grow!’”

The offseason routine concentrated on building quality mass, while the pre-contest routine focused on etching crystalline detail into his massive boulders of muscle.

Off-season Routine

 “The severity of using absolute maximum poundage for each exercise of this super-bombing routine requires three to four days of rest between arm workouts so that full recuperation and maximum growth occur,” Schwarzenegger instructs.

Exercise 1: Cheating barbell curl

“The cheating barbell curl stands alone for building mass. I start the movement with the barbell at the thighs, with a shoulder-width grip, and nudge it into motion with a slight body movement. This gives me sufficient momentum to pass any sticking points as long as I keep concentrating. I go to full biceps flexion, then lower the bar slowly to the starting position.”
“Since the palms face up, I get the benefit of supination, which peaks up the outer head of the biceps during full flexion, as well as developing thickness through the central section of the muscle.”

Exercise 2: Incline dumbbell curl

“I lie on a 45-degree incline bench. I prefer the low incline because it permits the biceps to fully extend at the bottom of the movement and remain under this tension during the entire movement upward.” One of the rules of muscle kinetics says that the greater the initial tension on the muscle, the greater the number of contracting fibers during flexion.”
“Therefore, when you have a lot of fibers contracting all at once, you are building mass. I strive for full extension and full contraction.”
At this point, his arms engorged with oxygen-carrying blood, Schwarzenegger would move on to the isolation movements.

Exercise 3: One-arm concentration curl

“This one is done in a standing bent-over position using the free arm for support.”
Form during this concentration curl movement becomes highly critical. The tendency prevails, even among the most experienced bodybuilders, to draw the elbow in toward the chest during this movement. The elbow must not move from the vertical plane of the curling movement. The upper arm must remain vertical, and the dumbbell must be curled to the shoulder. Although it seems like a restricting uncomfortable movement, it remains the secret to peak biceps development.”

Exercise 4: Standing alternate dumbbell curls

“As the dumbbell is curled, the hand is supinated as though trying to touch the little finger to the outer head of the biceps at the peak of the contraction.”
With this movement, you get that famous little burst of muscle that peaks up the outer biceps head and lends the ultimate touch to any kind of biceps pose. So you must remember to twist the hand as you curl, two motions in one. The biceps come into play quite strongly to supinate your hands, as well as to flex the arms. This little twist gave me separation, brachialis development and lower biceps thickness.”

That’s Enough

Four exercises, 20-26 sets, 45 minutes a monstrous biceps workout by nearly anyone’s standards. But for Schwarzenegger, it was just enough. “If I did them right, I didn’t need more,” he offers.
“There are supplemental things I’d do between sets like stretching my biceps muscle by extending my arm and drawing it backward. I feel that stretching releases the compression of the blood vessels and lets the blood rush in to perform its functions.”

Precontest Routine

“Three months before a contest, I would change my arm routine completely,” says the Oak. “My goal now was to zoom in on chiseling in all the cuts and shape possible. I’d cut down on my sets and go to a superset style of training and try to get a maximum pump each workout.” During this period, Schwarzenegger would shift into overdrive, training each entire arm in superset fashion with little or no rest between the supersets. Being that he was now working on a six-day double split (two workouts per day, six days per week), he’d be blasting his arms with this grueling routine three times each week. And you thought his mass-building routine was a bear! But there’s more.
“When I was zeroing in for a big contest, I’d stand in front of the mirror between sets for biceps and flex my arms, holding the flex for a minute, maybe two, even three minutes. I’d do that because contest posing is hard. Having muscle is one thing, but having control over it and endurance are two others.”
A word of caution from the big fella, though: “This system has worked very well for me, but it is a severe form of advanced training that is not recommended for beginners.” So just who, besides giant Austrians, can successfully employ either of these gut-wrenching routines?

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

“For beginners, I’d simply advise doing five sets of barbell curls and five sets of dumbbell curls 10 total sets of eight to 12 repetitions,” Schwarzenegger says. “Concentrate on a strict movement, and try to gain some strength. Experiment with different curling arcs until you find the one that puts maximum resistance on your biceps.”
 “I’d look at your biceps development and determine where you have weak points. Then I’d give you a tailored program to bring these weaker areas of your biceps up to par.
“If you lack biceps fullness,” he continues, “do heavy dumbbell curls. If you lack peak, do everything with dumbbells. Do plenty of concentration curls and dumbbell curls lying back on a high bench, like Reg Park used to do them.” Schwarzenegger says 12 sets total for biceps should serve the intermediate bodybuilder nicely.
 “The biggest post-intermediate-level mistake is to burn the biceps out. Biceps are basically a small muscle group, and you can’t do too much for them without overtraining,” instructs the Terminator of training. So, what constitutes overtraining? “I’d say the upper limit for biceps would be 15 sets in a hard workout, but I see all kinds of bodybuilders doing 25 to 30 sets on a regular basis.”

Hasta La Vista !

 “It’s a case of mind over matter. If you’ve got the mind for it, only one thing matters reaching your goal. And you will!”

Arnold’s Off-season Bicep Routine

Arnold Schwarzenneger’s five rules for biceps
  • Variety Switch around using barbells, dumbbells and cables.
  • Isolation Don’t get help from the delts, lower back or other body parts when training biceps. Don’t swing the weight (except during chest curls).
  • Full range of motion As this implies, move the weight in a controlled but complete fashion, unless you’re using an intensity movement for a shock session.
  • Find the groove Locate the natural line of motion for each movement.
  • Total concentration Don’t let your mind wander. Always fixate on the movement and the feeling in the muscle.

Because bodybuilding is such an individual activity, it only makes sense that you should tailor every routine to your personal capabilities and goals anyway.


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 How to get big arms like Arnold.


Lawyer Abuse, Control Your Lawyer In 5 Easy Steps

 Best ways to handle your Lawyer..

Lawyer abuse is running rampant in your country, and everyday you and your fellow citizens are being sued, defended and then sued, and defended again by the same cheesy lawyers, who are always encouraging you to sue or to defend yourself from a lawsuit that one of their counterparts have started. And on top of that, they do not carry out their whole duty as they should in preparing a proper court argument for your case, while also ignoring your calls and lying to you after they 've made a back door deal, only to tell you they have done their very best. 

So Dear friend, to control your lawyer and prevent lawyer abuse from being done to you, do try to get involved in the process and stay involved until the very end. For remember, you are still dealing with human beings and we are all by nature careless in our lives and our duties. Also, the first rule is to know and remember that the lawyer works for you and not the other way around; and you are paying his salary for no lawyer works for free (except for the time they do Pro Bono work ), and that is when their Bar Association requires it from them. 

 How deal with bad lawyers..

Another way to prevent lawyer abuse is to ask questions of the lawyer like : What is his case load at the moment? For no lawyer should personally be handling more than 3 cases at any one time in order to give his full attention. Not 10 to 20 like the Public Defenders or the State Attorneys, which explains why they always try to Plea Bargain their cases every chance they get at your expense. Again do not be shy for this is your good name on the line, your pockets being emptied out and even your freedom in jeopardy. 

Also do ask what resources are available to the lawyer and what services does he / she uses?. As in, Private Investigators, Experts, Paralegals and other sources. And again do remember what is on the line here, you want the best lawyer for your money, not the sly talking person on television who is promising you the world in any case. Do realize that any case can be won ( For this is Sue S. A. ), if it has been properly researched, all points have been covered and all ducks are in a row. Just read the latest news of crazy lawsuits. 

 How to handle your lawyer...

To prevent lawyer abuse and control your lawyer is to ask of their experience level and what is their winning percentage. For if they are new you can still use them but they would have to be shadowed by a senior partner of the firm, and be sure that their winning rate is at least in the ninetieth percentile not 70 or 60 percent. You must ensure you have a great chance of success before you begin or undertake any enterprise or lawsuits. For any great battle is not won at the battlefield, but in the planning and preparation. And do take notes at each meeting you have with your lawyer, especially at the beginning of consultations on certain steps the lawyer has promised to undertake on your behalf. 

And as your case begins and is processing, be sure to ask your lawyer from the very beginning to please be a person of their word and to carry out their Fiduciary duties such as: Keep you informed of the going on of the case, and return calls in a timely manner, and to also communicate and respond to the demands of the court. So please do keep your lawyer 's feet to the fire until your case has been fully handled, and each lawyer in a firm usually has a boss and if not, you can always report them the Bar Association in their State for misconduct and neglect of duties. 

Additionally, I must tell you that no matter how Right you think you are, Please always try to settle your case out of court if there is any chance. For going to court takes a lot out of you and away from you and your family. And even when you win, sometimes you lose. Also, do follow your lawyer 's advice and directions once you decide to hire them, because a lot of cases have been lost because you refuse to listen or even be completely honest with your lawyer. I mean, do not let them abuse you and your rights, but you as well do not impede them or lie to them when they are here to help win your case. Lawyer abuse is never ok, and you can always sue the lawyer as a last resort if they have been negligent in their duties.

And the very best way to prevent lawyer abuse or control your lawyer even, is to be proactive legally, by educating yourself and to remember that : Every situation in life is a potential legal situation - Always. So hanging out with a friend, driving your car, grocery shopping, visiting a neighbor, buying a house, going to a club etc...are legal situations waiting to happen. And in being proactive, you want to ensure that you already have an " AV " rated, highly qualified lawyer in your back pocket long before your ever have to need one, so you could force the bad and Abusive Lawyer to do what is right. Your Legal Advocate, James Dazouloute 


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