Fun Things To Know About The Skink Lizard

By James Dazouloute --- The Skink will scare you the first time that you two meet, because it does not look like a regular lizard that climbs the outer walls
Fun Things To Know About The Skink Lizard

 of your home, and it's crazy colors will make you wonder if it's a snake. And the little skink has a tail that comes in the colors of bright blue, yellow or red; and it also comes  in more than 1000 different species as you will see a different variety depending on which part of the world you live in. And the skink, depending on it's age can be anywhere from 2 to 30 inches long from snout to tail. 

All the skinks that you will encounter all share the same common features like movable lids sheathing independently operating eyes, and the cold blooded wrigglers are usually mistaken for snakes, and this is why your very first encounter with them will have you gasp for air at first. Also you will find that the skink skin is smooth, and has shield-like scales reinforced by a bony plate known as an osteoderm. 
Fun Things To Know About The Skink Lizard

There are different kinds of skinks living in the west, for example: You will find the five-lined skink, which hibernates usually from  October through Mid-March. And this type of skink is an insect lover, and yet when you see it, all the different colors will have you a little taken aback. And when you are out there exploring on the mountain side, you may run into the western skink which likes to be secretive and just loves to forage through dense vegetation, and gets to live up to 10 years.

Then there is the great plains skink that you will find laying up to 25 eggs, just so her line of skinks can have a chance to continue on living. And not to forget the Desert-Fringe-Toed skink, which just loves the sand and to you it will look like it is swimming in it. 

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But one of the greatest trick that the skink will perform if you are ever able to get your hands on it's slimy body, and are able to grab it by it's long tail, you will quickly find that this little survivor of an animal will sacrifice its own body part or limb, in order to get away from you. Because the skink will employ a few strategic muscle contractions to jettison its tail, or just rip it off, and then continue to run away from you. But then, when this little lizard of an animal is safe, it will miraculously grow back that tail or limb, and while it may not have the same quickness or flexibility as before, that new limb will still get the job done. 
Fun Things To Know About The Skink Lizard

So the next time that you are in your backyard, or are out and about in the woods and you run into the skink, please don't let the unknown scare you or even forces to murder the innocent, like all human beings usually do whenever they encounter something frighteningly new, and have not yet understood it. Instead, just take the time to appreciate and admire the beautiful colors of the skink, as well it's magical ability to regrow limbs in order to survive.  

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